The season when you should avoid glass coating

Glass coating is not good anytime

The season when you should avoid glass coating

There is the need that a glass coating agent chooses temperature and the humidity to be made up properly and hangs in a suitable season to take glass coating by the proper hardness. The temperature necessary for glass coating varies according to glass coating, but I ask it more than about 15 degrees and am broken. And the humidity must run with the humidity of less than 70%.

A season not to be suitable to take glass coating when I consider it is a cold season and time in the rainy season. You should certainly avoid the one living in the particularly snowy falling area in the season when it snows. This is to have possibilities to lose glass coating together when the snow falls from the car when snow has been piled up to a car.

I think that it takes glass coating and may injure a car before I notice that I leave you unattended in rain and snow. If glass coating is wanted to take in winter; the outdoors at a temperature management place done properly because must undertake construction, coat glass with oneself; it will be difficult without grazing it. What I hang glass coating before the season when you must avoid it comes if to be able to do it is the best.

When it is in the season when you must avoid it that I have begun to want to take glass coating, I will wait a little, but I wait while maintaining it properly until it becomes warm and I wait until a suitable season comes though I hang glass coating and should enforce it.