About glass coating and relations of the time

The maintenance that I want to usually do

Glass coating is not good anytime

The maintenance that I want to usually do

Glass is a maintenance method from the day of a coated car, but it becomes important I do normal washing in water diligently, and to blow up well. It is one of adze to untie of the glass coating that it is not necessary to use the shampoo too much, but should wash a car using shampoo when dust or water spot are outstanding.

Because shampoo may not be washed away properly when I washed a body when I use coin car washing too much, the shampoo that has stayed dries by light of the sun and must be careful because it soaks into a body and pushes it and may stay. You should do the car washing by the method to repeat what I drain with water as soon as I washed it by some shampoo not washing the whole body by shampoo at a stretch when I wash a car at home.

In addition, about wax, the wax to a worn car should avoid glass coating as much as possible. Because a dirt becomes easy to attach to a car because it is glass coating that hang to let you have enough luster even if you do not wear wax by having hung a thing and wax to have possibilities to touch a dirt by the deterioration of the wax by oils and fats of the wax attaching to a car much more by hanging wax, you may have you think that the wax is not necessary.

Because I am stuck to a body when the feces of the bird which carries an island on its back when the feces of the bird attach to a body to remove it by car washing immediately dry, a dirt becomes hard to fall. A dirt comes to be outstanding and it is after and does not mind the aim of time washing a car. I will keep glass coating even slightly for a long time by usually doing maintenance well.