About glass coating and relations of the time

If I think that a dirt was outstanding

Glass coating is not good anytime

If I think that a dirt was outstanding

The glass coating takes effect to become hard to thrust a dirt on a body. I construct a thing called the glass coating basically so that it is not necessary to use shampoo or wax if there is a dirt and attracts attention.

I can drop a dirt only by washing in water enough without using shampoo while a glass coating agent works well. You should do with only washing in water when you use many shampoo because this glass coating may become weak. It is necessary to hang glass coating again when the effect of the glass coating agent fades, and a dirt does not come off only by washing in water. You should confirm it with eyes well how a dirt comes off when I maintain it by washing in water.

Because it changes at the time that you must take by a glass coating agent again, it should know this degree by oneself by maintenance of every time at how much time that glass coating becomes weak because it cannot be said unconditionally. In addition, it is the best to use the shampoo for exclusive use of the glass coating when it washes a car when it uses impurity.

The shampoo has to wash it away properly as soon as I washed a body if possible when I use the normal shampoo. When a shampoo agent is left on the body, attention is necessary because a dirt may become rather bad. In addition, it is the secret to let there is few it, and glass coating last a long time that prevent you from using the shampoo that something like abrasives is contained in.