About glass coating and relations of the time

The best condition to make glass coating

Glass coating is not good anytime

The best condition to make glass coating

Do you know that it is not good at all to do the glass coating at time of the rainy season? It is necessary to be careful about the humidity and temperature during some period after having taken glass coating.

I am to hang it in and others winter to be over in autumn at the time not to be suitable though I hang glass coating, and to filter in the season when I turn it on, and it snows in house case in the snowy districts to think so. The temperature has suitable temperature to do glass coating and is not to turn to hang glass coating in the season when I am less than 15 degrees of the minimum temperature in the districts where it snows. Therefore the winter work to hang glass coating even if snow does not fall when it becomes less than 15 degrees even at the start should see it off.

Of course you should avoid even Kanto or the Kansai area at the time when days less than 15 degrees continue because the temperature is said not to be suitable for doing glass coating when it is less than 15 degrees. In addition, the thing called the season when the humidity of in ... autumn is not high in spring except the time in the rainy season can say to the best condition being prepared though I coat glass even if I think about easy maintenance after having taken glass coating.

If it is hard to rain, and it thinks to coat glass at the places of the outdoors without a roof in the summer seasons when drying of the glass coating is early, it may say to be in the season when the best condition is prepared.