About glass coating and relations of the time

Kind classification of the glass coating, time to maintenance

Glass coating is not good anytime

Kind classification of the glass coating, time to maintenance

When I think to construct glass coating by oneself, it is necessary to think about how much glass coating you want to do. The thing of the type that is easily hung glass coating by car washing in the which I want to try with the thing that it is easy to ascertain it what kind of things the that there is not confidence to make difficult glass coating in beginners and glass coating are is recommended.

This type becomes very short at the time until maintenance, but popularity is a high product towards a woman and the beginner because it is not so expensive and can easily hang glass coating. And there are several kinds for the glass coating that a period continues for a long time, and there are a merit and a demerit in each.

At first it is a water-repellent thing, but I am strong in water, and this water-repellent thing is a general thing, but it is for maintenance because there is a demerit that a waterdrop is branded on a body by the heat at time when the body of the car thickens that it troublesome. And because I am familiar with water, a dirt may be hard to attach to the hydrophilic thing, but cannot expect luster such as the water repellency. The feature is that it is very strong, but, as for the part which water did not flow through, there is a demerit to be easy to stay as water spot to become dirty.

And there are many things which are hard to be accompanied by water spot, and, as for the thing of water-skiing, it is with glass coating very popular now because I drift to glide water. Such as the thing water-repellent as for the appearance the feature is that is shiny. Because states are different, you should choose the thing which oneself is easy to maintain by the kind properly.