About glass coating and relations of the time

Season suitable for glass coating

Glass coating is not good anytime

Season suitable for glass coating

You must choose time and the season to construct glass coating. This is because it is necessary to ascertain good some weather and temperature and the humidity for glass coating properly.

I cannot reject the glass coating that there is the humidity more than 70%. Because the hardness does not rise if the glass coating is humid, I am not to finish completely hardening even if I hardened. Glass is that glass coating is too soft in a schematic view plate case after having coated it, and there is not the meaning if I do not harden even if I seemed to harden. Besides, even if the humidity is less than 70%, temperature will not agree with humid time when there is not temperature necessary for glass coating to be made up either, and a phenomenon happens.

The temperature necessary for commercial glass coating to be made up varies according to a sales company, but is about 15 degrees. It may be said that it is temperature from spring to autumn when I say 15 degrees. However, because it varies according to an area in Japan at time more than 15 degrees, it will be said during autumn from spring for a season, but thinks that you can be careful by an area.

However, you should avoid the construction of the glass coating only in a season of the rainy season in spring because the humidity rises only in a season of the rainy season. I am that it is necessary to coat the glass which did it well in a suitable season to open time to do bacance even a little for a long time.