About glass coating and relations of the time

How long can you maintain brightness after construction?

Glass coating is not good anytime

How long can you maintain brightness after construction?

I cannot say a thing of how much unconditionally by use environment or an area using the car how long brightness and the strength after having constructed glass coating last because it is different.

Even if this undertook construction in dealers, I can say the same thing. Generally, in the case of dealers, the carfare is said to be semipermanent, but, for 3 through 5, rice cakes of the glass coating shorten if it is the area where there is much salt close to an area and the shore having a long sunlight time. In addition, the strength of this glass coating changes when I inject it outdoors when I inject it indoors.

And what the thing for such beginners has a long it so and continues is impossible because there are the things which I can hang glass coating while washing a car which even a beginner can simplify when I do glass coating by what cage oneself. I will purchase a glass coating agent whether oneself needs the thing which lasts a long time how when I purchase a glass coating agent because a kind of the glass coating to purchase, the maintenance of the car are in a state and change each at time for glass coating after having examined how much oneself can construct again closely.

When even a beginner is possible simple glass coating, brightness may disappear for approximately one month. Because an aim is drawn how much brightness you can continue outside of a glass coating agent, in the case of the purchase, please read instructions well.