About glass coating and relations of the time

The glass coating is sensitive to temperature and the humidity!

Glass coating is not good anytime

The glass coating is sensitive to temperature and the humidity!

It is necessary to look well, and to coat temperature and the humidity when I do glass coating. The time when I am suitable most to take glass coating will be when.

I am said to be it to take glass coating if severe if at first there is not temperature 15 degrees even to a minimum. The temperature is important to any coating agent. When it is a season becoming less than 15 degrees, it is in a condition not to harden when a glass coating agent applied it to a car. It becomes important for a thing, the out of season that working environment is regulated well at time most suitable for coating to fix the work facilities when I work and to choose the right coating agent that was correct at the time.

If temperature is less than 15 degrees, I understood that I do not turn, but why is glass coating no use if then it is humid? I arrive at the question. When the humidity exceeds more than 70%, iron plates of the bodies become always in condition to get wet. The glass coating agents are said to be it until and they calm down on a body generally for one day on a superficial day until they harden after applying it properly even if they suffer for approximately one month.

Therefore the back for glass coating should be careful about it raining. When it rains, the humidity rises remarkably. Therefore the maintenance to blow with dry cloth immediately after having done glass coating when it has rained is necessary. I will learn that you must be careful about the humidity and temperature to take glass coating properly.